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Something About Lemon

Something about lemon reminds me of spring, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s going to be in the seventies outside today. I think I have a case of spring fever coming on! A friend of mine showed me a bouquet of sunny-yellow jonquils she picked from her yard this past weekend–and it’s still February!

Anyway, back to lemon. Lemon finds its way into almost everything here at HeBrews, except maybe the coffee. Today we have a cute lemon poppy seed scone on the menu, drizzled with a sweet-n-tart lemony icing. Other days you might find lemon in a cranberry lemon scone lemon blueberry scone or raspberry lemon muffin.

Something about lemon, just makes you want to smile.


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Soup’s On!

It looks like we picked the perfect day to introduce soup at HeBrews, since it’s snowing outside in Perry. There’s not much accumulation…we’re trying to decide if it’s even an inch total, but it is snow after all! We’ve got Chicken & Wild Rice on the menu today. For now, our plan is to serve soup 3 days a week. Coming up later in the week are Creamy Potato with Bacon and Chicken Tortilla.

You can get a cup of soup for $2.99 and order a half-sandwich to go along with it (on your choice of bagel or bread.) Or if you’re like me, and you enjoy a bowl of soup for lunch, you can order that for $4.99. We will serve soup from 11am – 2pm.

Come on down and try some soup with us. It will warm you up on the inside, that’s for sure!

Soup + Winter = A Perfect Combo!


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Happy New Year 2010!

Well, it’s officially a new decade, and one goal I wrote down for 2010 was to start a blog for HeBrews. HeBrews is the coffee shop my husband and I are in the midst of opening up in Perry, OK. My husband, Brian, has been working (along with many, many volunteers) since May getting the building ready for the coffee shop to open. We are in the home stretch now! My desire in this blog is to share  stories about  doing life day-to-day as a barrista & baker, getting to know our customers, and the things we’ll definitely learn along the way! Stay tuned for more details…

It is the new year, and for many people a time to set goals or resolutions. What goals do you have in mind for 2010? Did you know that a study has shown that people who 1) write their goals down, 2) make them public (that means telling somebody, not necessarily posting them for the whole world to see), and 3) stay accountable to someone, have a higher achievement rate than those who don’t do these 3 things? I’m also trying something new this year–reviewing my goals on a regular basis. I think a monthly check-up will suffice! so, look for a check-up at the end of the month to see where things stand!

Meanwhile, I’m off to learn more about blogging (this is my first try at it!) and then start on Goal #2 for 2010 – exercising 4 times a week. “Hello, Jillian…It’s nice to meet you. Yes, I’m ready to shred the extra 10 lbs. I put on this fall!”

‘Til next time,


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