Happy New Year & Happy New You!

10 Jan

2012 has gotten off to a speeding start! It’s already January 10th and it seems like we celebrated the turn of the year just a few days ago. For many people, with the new year come New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re watching your waistline after the holidays, we’re happy to work with you! Here are some helpful tips for ordering some of your favorites from HeBrews:

  • Order your bagel sandwich “skinny.” You’ll save 1/3 of the calories by doing so. All we do is slice the bagel in thirds, toast the top and bottom for your sandwich, and toss out the middle slice–along with the extra calories!
  • Order your coffee drink “skinny.” Save 40 calories for every cup of milk by substituting skim milk for 2% milk. Skim milk does amazingly well in steamed drinks–you’ll never miss the calories!
  • Try regular or spicy mustard on your sandwich in place of mayonnaise and save up to 45 calories per tablespoon!
  • Order your favorite sandwich without cheese and save up to 90 calories per slice.
  • Try Baked Chips instead of regular and save almost 100 calories–or better yet, have a piece of fruit and save another 100!

Remember, it takes 3500 calories to equal 1 pound, so over time with just a few consistent changes, you’ll see the difference in your waistline!

Happy New Year and Happy New You!


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