The Creamy Ice-presso

20 Jun

Loving coffee in the summertime can be challenging. Coffee still  tastes great, but it can make you sweat when you’re already sweaty from the 100 degree temperature + humidity! Ugh!

At HeBrews, we serve frozen, blended coffee drinks, iced mochas and cafe lattes, but we’ve recently discovered another way to enjoyBree and Me enjoying a creamy ice-presso the delightful taste of freshly brewed espresso in the summertime. We’re calling it the Creamy Ice-presso and it’s a perfect sipping drink. Whereas my hot coffee drinks always cool off before I can finish them, this drink lasts all morning. My daughter, Bree, and I are happily sipping our creamy ice-pressos this morning in the picture.

This drink is a combination of espresso, half-n-half and ice. We choose to add flavored syrup too, but adding a flavor is entirely up to you. English toffee is a favorite with customers who have ordered it at HeBrews.  We have many flavors to choose from, like vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, and Irish creme to name a few. My favorite is sugar-free white chocolate with a dash of coconut.

Come on down and let us make a Creamy Ice-presso just the way you like it!


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Posted by on June 20, 2011 in Food, HeBrews


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