Our Friends @ Our Marriage Project

16 May

Nearly one year ago, a former co-worker of mine, Jen Bryan, and her fiance, Kyle Porter, were just weeks away from surprising almost everyone they knew. They had invited family and friends to an engagement party, but to everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t an engagement party, it was their wedding! It’s an inspiring story about two amazing twenty-somethings who seek to honor God in all aspects of their lives. You can read all about it on their blog Our Marriage Project.

Their project is a daily snapshot of their first year of marriage featuring posts by both Jen and Kyle. They got their blog-for-one-year idea from the movie Julie & Julia where Julie blogs daily about cooking her way through Julia Child’s famous cookbook.

Brian and I were excited to be guest bloggers on Our Marriage Project last week. Jen and Kyle invited us to share how we arrived in Perry, OK to plant a church and to open HeBrews. We invite you to read “The Gospel in Unlikely Places” here.


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Posted by on May 16, 2011 in About Me, People


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