Spring Break at HeBrews

14 Mar

Spring break at HeBrews really isn’t any different than other weeks–we’re still here making delicious espresso drinks & bagel sandwiches. But spring break is all the buzz with many of our customers–especially the teenagers–most of whom we won’t see this week because they’re off somewhere enjoying a vacation.

I have one question about spring break. Why does the weather always change back to winter during spring break? Yesterday, I thought I saw the sun when we left for church, but when we left church the sky was overcast, and the wind was blowing like mad. This morning I had high hopes and got out a short-sleeved shirt to wear, but when I peeked at the temperature on the bank marquis, I was shocked to see 38 degrees! No short sleeves for me today.

I haven’t kept scientific records, but if my memory serves me correct (and lately it sometimes fails to do just that) it seems that either the first or last weekend of spring break is snow covered. It doesn’t usually last long, but in my book spring break does not equal snow. It’s supposed to be sunshiny and warm with gentle breezes–well maybe not gentle breezes–that would be asking too much for Oklahoma in March–but sunshiny and warm nevertheless.

Whatever the weather happens to be this week, the calendar says it’s spring break, so enjoy it–especially if you are one of those lucky people who still gets to enjoy a whole week off!


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Posted by on March 14, 2011 in Random Thoughts


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