Astoria Takes a Trip

04 Mar

Right now I bet you’re wondering, “Who is Astoria?” and “Where is she going?”

Astoria is the brand name of our espresso machine, so I thought it was fitting to call her by that name. And she isn’t taking a vacation exactly–she took a trip to OKC yesterday after a minor service call, She is currently visiting the espresso doctor. Not a trip she wanted to take and to say everyone at HeBrews is missing her is a huge understatement.

She sprang a leak late Wednesday afternoon in a safety valve, and when the technician replaced it yesterday morning, she started leaking in another spot. Not only did she leak, but her heating element refused to come back on to heat water in her tank. What seemed like a minor fix has turned into a major problem. To our knowledge, she is resting comfortably in a repair shop in south OKC while she waits for the espresso doctor to make his rounds.

Meanwhile, we’re serving up Sumatran & Tanzanian brewed coffee and making lots of smoothies, hot tea, and frozen chocolate drinks. We hope to have Astoria back soon, and if she must retire from active duty, then we will be welcoming another espresso machine into the HeBrews family.

Thank you for your patience while Astoria is resting and awaiting her diagnosis.


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Posted by on March 4, 2011 in HeBrews


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