The Gallery @ HeBrews

14 Feb

We’re very excited to announce that the room beyond the seating area is complete! Brian would say it is 97.5% finished, but that’s close enough to call it done in my book. We found ourselves calling it “The New Room at HeBrews,”  and we didn’t want that name to stick, so we held a brainstorming session and after some debate we landed on “The Gallery @ HeBrews.” It has amazing lighting perfect for featuring photos and other artwork so the name really fits. We worked with Jake Music from M&K Lighting in Stillwater and we think you’ll agree he hit it right on the mark with the lighting he picked out for us.

Our hope for The Gallery @ HeBrews is that it will be used for community meetings, book discussions, business meetings, church experiences, baby showers, receptions, etc. For example, just this morning a group of retired teachers held a meeting there. This weekend we have a baby shower scheduled. That same afternoon we’re hosting a birthday party. You get the idea.

You can’t name a room The Gallery and not have artwork to admire. We are fortunate to have children who love to create and are also willing to share their artwork with us. Our son, Zack, has a passion for photography. He specializes in conceptual photos and portraiture. We have a dozen of his poster-size photos hanging on the walls in the HeBrews seating area. Our daughter, Bree, loves to paint when time permits. We have several of her oil paintings hanging in the entry way.

On your next visit to HeBrews see if you can spy the new photos Brian put up in the seating area today and take a peek at The Gallery–and while you’re admiring the room, remember what you see is the result of many hours of volunteer labor–The Gallery @ HeBrews is definitely a labor of love!


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Posted by on February 14, 2011 in HeBrews, People


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