Open for Business

11 Feb

Brian and I have survived, and in many ways thrived, the last two snowstorms. We’ve also lost count how many times we’ve answered the phone to hear, “Are you open for business?”  We get pretty darn excited to say, “Yes, we are!” Business was slow on the first snowy day, but since then traffic has steadily increased–so much so that we’ve sold out of bagels and soup several days in a row.

We’ve been able to stay open during the snowstorms because we live in Perry now. If we were living in Stillwater, we’d be stuck in our driveway and HeBrews would have been closed for sure. Now we live within walking distance to HeBrews, so we’ve braved blowing, drifting snow and slick streets to come down and get the shop opened. The walk was a good excuse to hold hands–for balance as much as for love.

We aren’t the only people out and about. Many of our regular customers haven’t missed a day since the snow began. Others have come to HeBrews for the very first time. And some customers didn’t come by to get served–they served us! One awesome customer drove his huge tractor to town and offered to clean the parking spaces in front of HeBrews. Another customer drove by and saw Brian using a regular shovel to clean the sidewalks. He promptly stopped and handed him a snow shovel to make the job easier. It’s awesome to belong to a community where “Open for Business” means more than just opening our doors to serve great food and drinks. It means serving each other with what we do best!


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Posted by on February 11, 2011 in HeBrews, People


One response to “Open for Business

  1. Brian

    February 12, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    I like holding your hand – : )


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