Is a Structured Life for Me?

07 Feb

My daughter could easily be defined as driven, ambitious, and goal-oriented. She could also be defined as dreamy, free-spirited, and spontaneous. She is aware of her tendencies and personality traits, so after a friend of hers told her the impact a mentor was having on her study habits, practice schedule, and college life  in general, my daughter decided to get one too.

The first assignment my daughter had was to purchase a daily planner. The second was to break down her day hour by hour and write it down in the planner. The third was to follow the plan she set for herself. After using the planner for a week, she showed it to me. It was pretty impressive–complete with color-coded highlighted time slots. The more she shared, the more excited she became & it infected me too–so much so that I went out and bought a planner of my own!

I’ve used planners before. In fact, this is the first job in 10 years that I haven’t used a daily planner. As an administrator and web-site manager, I appreciated the planners because they helped me organize my time and kept track of tasks I completed each day. But I can honestly say that I have never embraced the I-live-my-life-by-my-planner lifestyle.

Still, I want to explore the idea of more structure in my daily life. I’m meeting with a friend tonight and one of the purposes of our meeting is to figure out how to use our recently purchased planners. To what extent are we going to let them guide our daily life? How much structure can we live with and not feel boxed in by the rules we establish? I’m anxious to talk it through and come up with a plan for some daily structure–and not just structure for structure’s sake–structure that helps me achieve goals I’ve set for myself in all areas of my life.

How do you structure your day? Or do you?


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