Spring Fever in January

27 Jan

It’s kinda hard to be completely content working inside when it’s as beautiful outside as it was today. Today was one of those uncharacteristically warm January days in Oklahoma, and now, even with the sun setting, it’s warm enough to walk outside in short sleeves. It makes me hunger for a lazy Saturday afternoon spent reading my favorite magazine (Whole Living at the moment) in a lounge chair (shoe-free, of course) on our deck, sipping lemony iced tea–topped off with a cool spring breeze attempting to turn the page before I’ve finished reading it.

Ahhh… spring fever is in the air–I’m sure this is how the jonquils feel when they start poking their pretty yellow heads up out of the dirt weeks before the last snow is yet to arrive.  The sunshine warmed up not only the outside temperature today in Perry, but also the  inside temperature at HeBrews. Our south-facing windows create the perfect greenhouse effect in the wintertime so our heater doesn’t have to come on at all in the afternoon! A great benefit in the winter time–not so much in the summer.

Tomorrow promises to be another one of those it-feels-like-springtime-but-it’s-still-the-middle-of-winter-days. I’ve lived in Oklahoma too long to know that it won’t last forever…never mind, I’m going to soak it up through the HeBrews windows just the same and enjoy it while it lasts, while my daydreams take me to that lazy Saturday somewhere in my near future.

What do you like to do when Spring Fever strikes?


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Posted by on January 27, 2011 in Random Thoughts


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