Cilantro Hummus

06 Sep

Brian and I have been on-again off-again vegetarians since we married nearly 28 years ago, and hummus has been served in our home many times–mostly as a dip for carrots, cucumbers & broccoli–but also as a spread on a pita bread sandwich with Israeli salad & falafel…yum yum…but I digress. I knew it was a middle eastern dish, since the recipe I used came out of  Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World, but I learned many interesting facts about its origin, variant spellings, and ingredients here.

Last spring, when we were making the menu for HeBrews, I knew we had to include a veggie sandwich, and the veggie sandwich had to include some form of hummus spread. The Elite Veggie (sabotaged or not) has become more and more popular since we began serving lunch in June.  It is served with shaved carrots, cucumber slices, provolone cheese, and the option of lettuce, tomato, & onions. In my opinion and experience, it’s best served on one of the variety of bagels we serve from Old School Bagel in Stillwater, but we also serve it on wheatberry or white bread.

With the Elite Veggie’s increased popularity, we have received more and more requests for an “extra tub” of cilantro hummus with their sandwich order. Cilantro hummus is a delightful mixture of chickpeas, tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and other seasonings, and, of course, cilantro! It’s a tantalizing spread that is high in dietary protein & fiber, iron, vitamin C, folate, & vitamin B6.  Olive oil is a monosaturated fat commonly used in Mediterranean diets and studies claim that it is linked to a reduction in coronary heart disease. So, besides adding a tasty zing to your sandwich, you can include cilantro hummus as a part of a healthy diet.

Next time you’re in HeBrews try something new–the Elite Veggie Sandwich topped with cilantro hummus!

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