Evolution of the Sabotaged Veggie

06 Aug

You may or may not know that we serve a sandwich at HeBrews called the Elite Veggie. It is named after the 1936 hotel where HeBrews now resides and, after serving lunch for 6 weeks, it is gaining ground.  We were surprised to discover this Thursday that it was the top-selling sandwich!  But, there is an emerging trend that makes us question if the Elite Veggie can be called a true Veggie sandwich in every circumstance.

For instance, here’s a typical scenario Brian encounters at the cash register during our lunch rush:
Brian: “Good afternoon, may I help you.”
Customer: “Yes, I’d like to order the Elite Veggie, but…I was wondering… is it possible to add (insert meat here) to the sandwich?”
Brian (in a joking tone): “Why, sure. You can add meat to the Veggie for $1.00 more, but you know it’s not really a Veggie sandwich when you do that.”
Customer (somewhat embarrassed, but laughing nonetheless): “Yes I know, but I’m okay with it.”
Brian: “Okay, then. One Elite Veggie + Meat. Would you like a soft drink or cookie with your lunch?”

After a few customers asked for meat on their Elite Veggie, our son, Zack, muttered quietly on the line, “They’re sabotaging the Veggie by adding meat to their sandwich!!” And, after we had a good laugh, we all decided that the Elite Veggie + Meat = The Sabotaged Veggie.

For those who prefer an “Unsabotaged Veggie,” just order it from the menu “as is” and you will get a sandwich served on your choice of bagel, wheatberry or white bread. It has 1 slice of provolone cheese, cucumber slices, carrot strips, and cilantro hummus. You can add lettuce, tomato & onion to top it off for a veggie delight-ful sandwich!

Upcoming blog post…Cilantro Hummus–flavor-filled spread making the Elite Veggie #1 this week!


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Posted by on August 6, 2010 in Food, HeBrews


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