Meet Buster

01 Jun

If you come to HeBrews this week  it is likely you will get to meet Buster.  And, you might ask, “Who is Buster?” Well, Buster is not a person, and he’s not HeBrews’ new mascot. He has been here awhile, but he doesn’t get to meet people very often.  Buster is our gi-normous, heat-busting fan; a fan with a slight disability. He only has 1 wheel.  Even with one wheel, he does an amazing job of living up to his name! He’s  right behind me now, blowing my apron into a frenzy and making the fuzzy hairs that have fallen out of my pony tail tickle my face! He’s like a one-wheeled tornado! Well, maybe not that powerful.

Buster recently came onto the scene because we don’t yet have A/C at HeBrews. Summer-like temperatures have officially arrived in Oklahoma, and our install date is quickly approaching. Buster was here for our first church experience last July, and he hung around until fall when cooler temperatures arrived. After a long vacation, he’s been called to duty once again. He likes stirring things up–mostly air, but he has done his fair share of stirring up dust in the past–now he works hard to bring cooler air from the back of the building into the warm coffee shop. He does his best to keep our customers cool with a little help from his friends (4 smaller fans–Baby Busters if you will.)

During this week’s heat wave, we highly recommend iced tea, fountain drinks (both come with free refills) and, of course,  frozen coffees, chais, and smoothies to aid in the cooling efforts as well! So, come on into HeBrews and meet Buster! He’s guaranteed to be your new best friend at HeBrews!

P.S. We want to thank the Ardmore H2O campus in advance for their generosity. They are providing the A/C unit & skilled labor to get it installed for HeBrews & Perry. Their generosity knows no bounds, as they provided our heating system as well this past winter. Their example is a great one to follow and we hope to “pay it forward” by fulfilling a need at a new campus some day in the future! God is good…All the time!

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Posted by on June 1, 2010 in HeBrews, Random Thoughts


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