Mornings in the Kitchen

26 May

After one month  of doing business at HeBrews, Brian and I have fallen into a set morning routine. We get up at 4:30am, pick up bagels from Old School Bagel in Stillwater @ 5:30am, and arrive at HeBrews in Perry @ 6:00am to get the coffee shop up and running for the day. Needless to say, I’ve not been a morning person for the past 46 years, but God is working on me and He is slowly but surely transforming me into something I’ve never been before–a cheerful (mostly), energetic (80% of the time) morning person!

When we arrive, we both set about our tasks with a quiet determination.  Most of my time is spent in the kitchen before we open. If I’ve done my job the day before, a lot of the baking is set & ready to go. Before using a convection oven, I never baked cookies from a frozen state–but that’s what the manual recommended, so that’s what I do. It really saves time and they make beautiful, uniform cookies!

The results I saw with the cookies prompted me to experiment with scones, too. Just like the cookies, I make the scones ahead of time and freeze them individually. In the morning, they thaw a bit while the cookies bake, then in the oven they go!  Seven minutes later–voila–freshly baked scones are done!

Muffins are a different story. The only shortcut I’ve found is to combine the dry ingredients the day before  so it’s ready to mix up in the morning. We offer 2 types of muffins each day, so I’m a muffin-making machine between 6:30-7:30am. Most days they are out of the pans, cooled off, & in the display case by the time we open at 8:00am.

Other kitchen tasks include putting clean dishes away,  making tea & drip coffee, putting ice in the coke machine, testing the espresso grind, sorting the bagels into their bins, changing the daily baked goods menu, and washing all the dirty dishes I’ve made–that is, unless Brian gets to them before I do!

If we’re efficient and a little bit lucky, we have time to sit down and cool off for 5 or 10 minutes before 8:00. We take this time to sip a freshly-brewed Americano–or on hot days an iced coffee–mop the sweat from our brows, and most importantly, give God thanks for all He’s done and ask His blessing on the day ahead. We are immensely grateful–even through daily, simple kitchen tasks like washing dishes and filling ice bins–for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve people at HeBrews.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

~ Tina

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